Saturday, 30 July 2016

ONQBA Awards for 2015-16

Since the season has long since wrapped up and voting has now completed, the following are our awards for 2015-16. We weighted these mostly towards quizbowl, but we did look at results from other competitive formats.

Powerful school full of ringers.

Best Player -- Sheena Li (Lisgar)

Sheena won the national History Bee this year, but she probably could have won a Bee for most subjects. She led Lisgar through Provincial Champs with 21 powers and only 2 minus-fives.

Also got votes: Jacky Li (Woburn)

Most Improved Player -- Sherry Li (Bayview)

Sherry improved from 1 power at Toronto Novice in December to 9 powers at Provincials in March. She is believed to be good at history and to know all the British monarchs.

Also got votes: Gareth Adamson (Lisgar), Kelly Yu (Bayview)

Best Junior -- Colin Veevers (Lisgar)

Colin is a top player at the "foundation" categories -- general, current events, and geography -- and he's emerged with strong science and math knowledge this year. He also won Lisgar Novice playing solo in the fall.


Community Leader -- Ben Smith

Working with uOttawa and Merivale, Ben founded high school quizbowl in Canada, and he's run tournaments steadily for the last ten years. He's always been thorough, professional, and responsible. In the early years of the ONQBA, he single-handedly ran the organization.

All-Star Ontario First Team

Josh Lane (Lisgar)
Jacky Li (Woburn)
Sheena Li (Lisgar)
Colin Veevers (Lisgar)
Kelly Yu (Bayview)

Also got votes: Aleem Damji (White Oaks), George Lu (Waterloo CI), Thilini Herath (Merivale)

Update: I originally wrote that Ben Smith was associated with Lisgar. Ben has since made clear to me that he has had no official Lisgar connection. This has now been changed.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

All Results 2015-16


Tournament Date Champions 2nd Place Results? Recap?
Lisgar Novice October 17, 2015 Lisgar Colin Colonel By results recap
MacIntro October 24, 2015 Woburn Waterloo CI results
Ottawa QT 11 November 21, 2015 Lisgar Lisgar B results recap
Toronto Novice December 5, 2015 Woburn White Oaks results
Stegosaurus Bowl December 5, 2015 Lisgar Dragons ambiguous results
Ontario Provincials March 26, 2016 Lisgar A Merivale results recap

That's Lisgar winning four tournaments and Woburn winning two -- though they played those events as "East Scarborough."

White Oaks also played at PACE NSC (a U.S. national championship -- results).

History Bee and Bowl

IHBB has a sweet results page, now updated with all their 2016 events. Their Ontario winners were from Colonel By, Lisgar, Merivale, Royal St. George's, and Turnbull. Ontario teams won all the events at their Nationals, and it looks like a Royal St. George's player even won their Montreal bee event.

Reach for the Top

Reach posts most of their results on their Facebook page.

For their Ontario champs, they posted these prelim stats and Joe posted scoreboard photos on his Facebook. Their playoff used the top 10 teams, where Lisgar, London Central, Martingrove, Upper Canada College, and Waterloo CI all won to make top 5. It ended with Martingrove beating Upper Canada College in the finals.

For their nationals, they posted these prelim stats, with Ontario teams #1, 5, and 6 in the standings. From there, the top 12 teams made their playoffs. Martingrove and London Central won top 8 and lost in top 8. Lisgar got a bye to top 8, won to top 4, and then lost their semifinal. The finals were Kennebecasis Valley (NB) beating Eric Hamber (BC).

There were house-reach tournament this season at Lisgar and UTS. I don't think stats or results were posted from those. I'm pretty sure they were won UTS teams or visiting Kennebecasis teams.

See also: our quizbowl results from 2005-14.